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Casco – Grand Domestic Revolution

CASCO – Office for Art, Design and Theory, Utrecht.
Saturday, 26 March 2011
, 12.00–16.00 hour
Casco - Grand Domestic Revolution

The meeting will start with the question “How do we work together?” (it’s not a rhetorical question), focusing on ways to critically engage with domestic/invisible labour. This month’s Town Meeting will have presentations from:
Matthijs de Bruijne
Phil Collins
Josien Pieterse,
in discussion with the FNV Domestic Labour campaign.

Chapter I 12.00-1.30
• Introductions, recap of February Town Meeting, and goal-setting
• Question 1: What are the potential artistic autonomies found in working “with” movements? How may these be applied?
• Presentation by Matthijs de Bruijne and Take a Detour on their collaboration for the project (trash museum) for Dag van de Schoonmakers (20 min)

Chapter II 1.30-3.00
• Question 2: What artistic forms of representation of social movements are practiced, and can be imagined by artists and designers — can this point to new forms of contributions to political campaign?
• Excerpt screening from marxism today (prologue) by Phil Collins (20 min)
• Excerpt screening from footage of oral history project ‘CPN-vrouwen’ at Aletta, 
instituut voor vrouwengeschiendenis by Josien Pieterse (20 min)

Chapter III 3.00-4.00
• Question 3: What does the focus on domestic labour rights exclude and include and how do artist rights differ and connect specifically to labour rights?
• Question 4: How will we work together?

On the last Saturday of each month, ‘User’s Manual: The Grand Domestic Revolution’ (GDR), a long-term project by Casco, invites you to our regular TOWN MEETING, a series of discussions, performances, screenings, meals and actions around issues and questions emerging from the GDR research and practice. The meetings serve as public collective moments where the feedback to the
GDR working process is made particularly in response to immediate social news and issues. Every TOWN MEETING will be joined by our contributors, special guests, neighbours and/or other agents
in affinity and put forth by AGENDA, bullet points of some key activities and questions to pursue.

The series began in January and runs towards the opening of the GDR final exhibition, slated for Fall 2011. We look forward to the contribution of your thought and knowledge.
’User’s Manual: The Grand Domestic Revolution’ (GDR) is Casco’s long term ‘living research’ project developed in partnership with ‘Utrecht Manifest: Biennial for Social Design’. The project explores the potential of the domestic sphere as a locus for creating ‘the commons’, a selforganised form of sharing both material and immaterial resources, by means of artistic, organisational and spatial design operations.

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